How often do you clean your carpets?

This job is essential to maintaining a clean, hygienic, and pleasant environment whether it’s for home or work. And yet, many of us don’t take this task seriously enough.

It’s possible to clean your carpets yourself, but for best results, you should work with a professional from time to time. The Carpet Institute of Australia recommends professionally cleaning your carpets at least once every 12-18 months, but 4 in 10 people have never had this done.

In this article, we’ll show you why cleaning your carpets (the right way) is so important, and show you some simple tips for how to do this effectively.


Why It’s So Important to Regularly Clean Your Carpets


Your Carpets Impact Your Health

Carpets, if not kept in good condition, can be a breeding ground for germs and harmful microorganisms.

Unclean carpets can become infected with dust mites, which worsen allergies and make the time you spend around your carpet seriously unpleasant. What’s more, anything you drop on your carpet — including food — will also pick up the dirt that’s lingering there.

And there can be some extremely disgusting materials sitting in our carpets. Some examples include rotten particles of food, tiny flakes of human skin, and even traces of feces from our pets and the soles of our shoes.

Carpets are something we spend a lot of time around. It’s essential to keep them clean so you’re not exposing yourself to potentially harmful bacteria and dirt and risking irritation and illness.


Clean Carpets Last Longer

Installing a carpet isn’t cheap. For the average Australian home, carpeting the whole place can cost around $6643. For this reason, you’ll probably want to make sure your carpets last as long as possible and remain in good condition.

One of the most reliable ways to make sure of this is to keep your carpets clean. Regular cleaning prevents your carpet from becoming overloaded with dirt and persistent stains, keeps the fibres in good condition, and helps you enjoy your carpet in the best possible condition for many years.


Clean Carpets Look Better

We’ve all seen those carpets that have clearly seen better days. Full of stains, matted with dirt, and just… unclean looking. They’re not nice to be around, they make the rest of the space less appealing, and they’re not something you want the soles of your feet to be resting on for too long.

The only way to be sure your carpet doesn’t end up like this is by regularly cleaning it. This way your carpet will look fresh, clean, and new all the time, dazzling your guests and making the entire room look better.


Clean Carpets Look More Professional

If your carpet is inside a business establishment, it’s even more important to keep it clean and in good condition.

A dirty carpet makes a business look uninviting, unprofessional, and untrustworthy. In contrast, a clean carpet gives the impression that your business is organized, reliable, and cares about the experience of its customers.


How to Keep Your Carpets Clean

How do you ensure your carpets stay clean, hygienic, and in great condition for as long as possible? There are plenty of things you can do at home to make this happen, such as:


  • Prevention is better than cure. Simple habits like taking your shoes off at the door, keeping pets away from the carpet, and avoiding eating food around your carpet will all go a long way towards keeping it clean. The best way to clean a stain is to never create one in the first place. If people have to wear shoes inside (for example, if you welcome customers from outside), then at least provide a doormat.
  • Use air filters. This helps extract a lot of the particles from the air which would otherwise end up trapped in your carpet fibres. As a nice side-effect, air filters also improve the quality of your living and working spaces and promote better health.
  • Clean stains right away, and do it properly. When a stain arrives on your carpet, time is of the essence — you have a small window where you stand a realistic chance of actually dealing with the stain. There are different approaches to cleaning stains depending on the type of carpet and type of stain, but the universal rule is to blot, not wipe.
  • Vacuum regularly. If you want to maximize the cleanliness and lifespan of your carpets you’ll need to do more than just vacuum, but vacuuming once or twice a week is a fundamental (and easy) part of carpet maintenance.
  • Hire a professional. There’s a lot you can do personally to keep your carpets in prime condition, but if you really want them to look like new for as long as possible it’s best to work with a professional cleaner. They have access to materials you almost certainly don’t and can use their years of expertise to guarantee the best possible result.


Keeping your carpets clean is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy, attractive, and welcoming home or work environment. At Tailored Services, our professional cleaners can ensure your carpets are kept in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

To learn more about how we can keep your carpets clean, along with the rest of your home or business premises, get in touch.