There are lots of reasons why you should want to keep your office space clean. It’s more professional, it looks better, and nobody wants to work around nasty smells and unpleasant environments.

However, the benefits to a clean and tidy workspace go beyond this. There are many less well-known reasons why every business should be striving to keep their offices as clean and hygienic as possible.

In this article, we’ll dive into some of those less obvious reasons and show you how to ensure you get these benefits.


1. We’re more productive in clean environments

When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. If you’ve ever tried working in a cluttered, smelly room with sticky floors and piles of trash all around, you probably didn’t find the experience much fun, and you probably didn’t get as much work done as you would in a cleaner environment.

This idea is backed up by science, too. Research has found a link between tidy, organised workspaces and productivity. According to one source, 57% of employees are more motivated and have higher morale when the workplace is clean and equipped with proper hygiene solutions.

Apart from the psychological barriers that come with working in a messy place, there’s also the risk of getting sick. Unhygienic workplaces increase the risk of catching a nasty illness and spending a few days off work — something which certainly isn’t good for productivity.

Make sure your cleaning team is focused on keeping the work environment as clutter-free and hygienic as possible.


2. Indoor air can be really dirty (and harmful)

The number of airborne pollutants is 2-5 times greater than it is outdoors, and in some cases, it can be up to 100 times greater.

These pollutants range from more harmless-seeming substances like water droplets and dust, all the way to things like acids, chemicals, and metals. Although they’re microscopic, if the concentration is high enough these particles can cause health problems ranging from eye and lung irritation to increased risk of certain diseases.

This is bad news for offices — spaces where people spend upwards of eight hours at a time, five days a week. Keeping your employees trapped in this environment while potentially harmful particles circulate and fill their lungs is not a good move.

And in certain parts of Australia, like Sydney and Mackay, higher levels of particle pollution due to local industries make this problem particularly relevant.

But don’t panic! There’s a lot that companies and their cleaning teams can do to clean up the air inside offices and remove harmful particles from the environment. For example:

  • Don’t just rely on ordinary vacuum cleaners — you should be using HEPA filter vacuums along with the correct microfiber cleaning materials
  • Make sure your HVAC systems are properly maintained and the filters are up to date
  • Work with a team of knowledgeable hygiene professionals


3. You can give your equipment a longer life

Regular, professional cleaning of your office space helps ensure a longer lifespan for office furniture like desks, chairs, and carpets.

For example, every time we walk into our office off the street we bring in a small amount of dirt on the soles of our shoes. This amount is usually pretty tiny, and might not even be noticeable, but over time it will wear away at carpets and cause damage. On top of that, the bacteria and dirt you bring in can be harmful to employees’ health.

We can’t see this process happening, but if left unchecked it will reduce the life expectancy of your carpets. How do you fix the problem? Simple regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning can prevent this and ensure you get many more years out of your upholstery.

The same applies to all your office equipment. Regular cleaning with the correct techniques and materials will ensure it lasts longer, is safer to use, and saves you money in the long run.


4. It’s good for employees’ wellbeing

Many studies have found a link between cleaner environments and better mental health. While many of these were done in the home environment, there’s no reason why similar rules wouldn’t apply to the office.

What’s the science behind mess and mood? Messy and unclean environments cause a rise in the hormone cortisol, which can contribute to anxiety and depression, not to mention all-around stress.

Untidy, dirty environments can have negative effects on our ability to focus, our relationships with others, and sleep. Keeping a clean workspace isn’t just about productivity and hygiene — it affects almost every aspect of your employees’ lives.

And if you want a happy, engaged, healthy workforce that will associate their jobs with feeling good, a clean workspace is vital.

The best way to ensure a clean, safe, hygienic workspace is to work with a team of cleaning professionals. At Tailored Services, that’s our job. We work with businesses and individuals from all walks of life, putting together a tailored cleaning plan based on your needs and circumstances.

Our goal is to build an ongoing relationship with all our customers, so we can get to know your situation and provide the best solutions to your challenges. To find out exactly how we can help, get in touch with us.